100 First Words for Little Bookworms

100 First Words for Little Bookworms

  • ISBN: 9781641708982
  • Publication Date: September 3, 2024


Board Book
Price: $9.99

A tongue-in-cheek board book with characters and terms that every bibliophile wants to teach to the next generation, with colorful illustrations by Kyle Kershner

You have a stack of unread books, but you still keep buying new ones. Your ideal evening would be spent reading on a cozy chair. And you know the book is ALWAYS better than the movie.

Congratulations—you’re a bookworm, and it’s your job to ensure the little ones you care about grow up to love books just as much as you do. Curated by bookworm Stephanie Campisi, author of Quacks Like a Duck, this collection of bookish words is the perfect addition to any home library. With references to classic and contemporary literature, adult and children’s books, 100 First Words for Little Bookworms is the ultimate collection of words every book lover should know from a young age.