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Your Sh*tty Family Real Texts. Crazy Relatives.

Your Sh*tty Family

Real Texts. Crazy Relatives.

  • ISBN: 9781683350279
  • Publication Date: September 12, 2017


Price: $13.49

From Elan Gale’s Unspirational, Your Sh*tty Family contains all the hilarity, confusion, and frustration of a visit home without the expensive plane tickets, the tiny twin bed, or any of the misery of actually having to spend time with your family.

This book, based on the popular Instagram account of the same name, features actual text-message conversations between various family members. Your Sh*tty Family presents screenshots of these conversations that are relatable to anyone who has ever taught their parents to text. Topics range from hilarious misunderstandings of slang, to children who over-share, to siblings who mercilessly make fun of each other, all organized into outrageous categories such as Momster, Dadvice, Group Chats, and more!

Includes color illustrations