Young Hag and the Witches’ Quest A Graphic Novel

Young Hag and the Witches’ Quest

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419765117
  • Publication Date: May 14, 2024


Price: $24.99

New York Times bestselling and award-winning author/illustrator Isabel Greenberg’s Young Hag and the Witches’ Quest is a unique YA graphic novel about an epic quest through Arthurian legends and a girl’s journey to believe in magic again after the loss of her mother.

Once there was magic in Britain. There were dragons and wizards and green knights and round tables and kings that pulled swords out of stones. But now, the doors to the Otherworld have closed, and the magic is gone. All that is left are the stories of those bygone days. Young Hag, her mother and her grandmother, Ancient Crone, are the last of the witches in Britain. At least, that’s what Ancient Crone says.

Young Hag has grown up hearing those tales and believing in her the power of her Grandmother. But when tragedy strikes, and their world is shaken, Young Hag turns her back on magic. She is sick of the tales of family curses, faerie doors, lost magic, and ancient swords. If they are witches, where is their magic when they really need it?

And then one day they find a changeling baby in the woods. Confronted with real magic at last, Young Hag has no choice but to believe. She sets off on the greatest quest of her life; to bring the magic back to Britain. But when faced with magic and myth, can Young Hag put aside her doubts and fears? Or will she simply become a forgotten footnote in the tale of famous kings and wizards?


“Isabel Greenberg has honed a perfect style that feels timeless.”
—Kate Beaton, #1 New York Times Bestseller and Eisner-winning author of Ducks

“A gamechanger. Vibrant, vital and galvanic storytelling – Young Hag will win legions of young fans.”
—Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of The Girl of Ink and Stars

“No one does it like Isabel Greenberg! I love her strange imaginary landscapes and bold, spikey heroines. Young Hag had me rapt from start to finish, fun, funny and totally charming!”
—Lizzy Stewart, author of Alison

“A gorgeous celebration of myths and myth-making, full of wit, wisdom and joy. I devoured this wonderful book in one blissful sitting.”
—Sarah Waters, author of Fingersmith

"Vivid, stirring and magical."
—Posy Simmonds, author of Tamara Drewe

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