West Hollywood Monster Squad A Graphic Novel

West Hollywood Monster Squad

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419764820
  • Publication Date: January 28, 2025


Price: $24.99

A group of high schoolers get more than they bargained for when the drag show they’re attending is attacked by monsters in this funny YA graphic novel from acclaimed queer comics creator Sina Grace

Marvin Matocho just wanted to have a simple night out with his friends at the local drag show. But when a mysterious pink snow starts to fall, Marvin finds himself the hero of his own story when Los Angeles suddenly becomes overrun by monsters.

Now he, along with his group of friends consisting of several queer teens, a drag queen, and a 50-something bar manager, are the only folks who can prevent the complete annihilation of the city—that is, if they can sort through their personal issues before they become dead meat.

As they fight for their lives through a thrilling night, the gang must work together to find out who’s behind the sinister pink snow. With the city of angels overrun with demons, these misfits will have to solve the mystery—or die trying.