We the People! Big Ideas that Changed the World #4

We the People!

Big Ideas that Changed the World #4

  • ISBN: 9781647004354
  • Publication Date: October 4, 2022


Price: $13.49

Award-winning author Don Brown explores the history of democracy in the United States in this installment of the Big Ideas That Changed the World series.

The Greek word democracy comes from demos (people) and kratos (rule)—meaning “the people hold power.” In this timely graphic novel, acclaimed author-illustrator Don Brown explores the history of democracy—from civilization’s beginnings as hunter-gatherers to the birth of monarchies and vast empires, and from the earliest republics to our present-day government.

Narrated by Abigail Adams, We the People! explores how Athenian and Greek assemblies inspired our legislative and judiciary branches; how Enlightenment ideals of reason, toleration, and human progress shaped our founding fathers’ thinking; how Mali’s Manden Charter and England’s Magna Carta influenced our Bill of Rights; and how the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy directly shaped the US Constitution. Explaining the fundamentals of democracy—liberty, equality, and justice for all—in a kid-friendly way, We the People! is a powerful reminder that power rests in the people’s hands.

Big Ideas That Changed the World is a graphic novel series that celebrates the hard-won succession of ideas that ultimately changed the world. Humor, drama, and art unite to tell the story of events, discoveries, and ingenuity over time that led humans to come up with a big idea and then make it come true.


"?Engagingly informal, more cogent than ever, and rich in rare facts and insights."
Kirkus Reviews

“Brown has proven to be the graphic novel gold standard in fact-driven, deeply humane middle grade history. Here, he's managed to hit upon a yet more urgent and relevant topic than the vaccine-centered previous volume (Shot in the Arm, 2021). Brown never skimps on crucial, lesser-considered nuances. His history may move at a breakneck pace, but he preserves details for our fascination, and never in the face of the Big Idea’s greatness does he let slip away the struggle of women and Black, Asian, or Indigenous people. Brown’s loose, jaunty Schoolhouse Rock–style art.”

“Watercolor-like illustrations draw the reader’s eye without creating sensory overload. Readers will easily be able to follow the flow of the panels with clear cues from the text. Those who have read other books in the series will love this new installment. This is a must-buy for any public or school library.”
School Library Journal

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