Vision and Art (Updated and Expanded Edition)

Vision and Art (Updated and Expanded Edition)

  • ISBN: 9781419706929
  • Publication Date: March 25, 2014


Price: $40.00

The updated and expanded edition of Harvard professor Margaret Livingstone’s Vision and Art, which successfully bridged the gap between science and art, exploring how great painters fool the brain: why Mona Lisa’s smile seems so mysterious or Monet’s Poppy Field appears to sway

Foreword by David Hubel

In this revised volume, Margaret Livingstone presents two additional chapters of her observations, has substantially expanded other chapters, and updates the rest of the existing text with insights gleaned from her ongoing research, bringing the book to the cutting edge in the field of neuroscience.

Accompanying Livingstone’s lively prose are many charts and diagrams that lucidly illustrate her points, as well as in-depth analyses of the phenomena found in major works of art. Be it the explanation of common optical illusions or the breakdown of techniques painters use to create those illusions, Vision and Art provides a wealth of information for artists, scholars, and scientists alike.

Includes illustrations