Verdigris Deep

Verdigris Deep

  • ISBN: 9781419730269
  • Publication Date: April 10, 2018


Price: $19.99

Three teens find themselves under the power of a well witch in this striking fantasy from award-winning author Frances Hardinge

Verdigris (n.): a blue-green rust that tarnishes aging and forgotten copper coins, altering them entirely . . .

Ryan feels invisible: At school, he’s in a class with students older and cooler than him, and at home, he’s largely ignored during his parents’ petty arguments. And then he meets Josh. Josh is popular in the way that only beautiful boys can be—he’s almost electric. Both Ryan and his chatterbox sidekick, Chelle, fall under Josh’s spell, and the three soon become inseparable.

One summer afternoon, they sneak off to the troubled town of Magwhite. Trapped without bus fare for the ride home, Josh convinces his less mischievous companions their only solution is to steal coins from the infamous wishing well. Soon after, each develops a unique, sinister power. When the well witch appears, she gargles demands of her three new servants. Ryan, Josh, and Chelle have robbed her and now must obey her . . . and the wishes rotting at the bottom of her well.


“There’s no denying Hardinge’s power as a storyteller, her ability to create beautiful, precise imagery, or her expectation that her readers will grasp the subtle ideas and reflections woven into the novel.”
Booklist, starred review

“Inescapably chilling . . . a dark, polished gem.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A deliciously creepy tale . . . There is a vividness and energy to Hardinge’s imagination that makes almost every moment of this absorbing story shine with light or glossy darkness.”

The Horn Book, starred review

“Vivid and imaginative."
Kirkus Reviews

“Deliciously shiver-inducing . . . Fans of dark fantasies such as Neil Gaiman’s Coraline will find this tale irresistible.”
School Library Journal

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