Uncle Sam Special Election Edition

Uncle Sam

Special Election Edition

  • ISBN: 9798887074580
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2024


Price: $23.39

The long-awaited reissue of the classic Vertigo miniseries Uncle Sam by Steve Darnall and Alex Ross is a sharp political fever dream praised by Kirkus as a “truly subversive graphic novel” and “a damning account of American political history that also affirms basic democratic ideals”

Uncle Sam: Special Election Edition is a vibrant, hallucinatory tour of modern America—the story of a star-spangled, ragged vagrant named Sam who is guided by the voices in his head and his own fractured memories.

Absorbed by history-traveling visions of America’s dark past, Uncle Sam struggles to remember his true identity and piece together the scattered clues of his own experiences in this deep and thoughtful look at America’s checkered past.

Meticulously researched by Steve Darnall and fully painted by Alex Ross, Uncle Sam returns in print just when it is needed most—in time for the 2024 presidential election—as a reminder of American ideals, the promise of our nation, and the democracy that is at stake.

Originally published by DC, and out of print for over a decade, this expanded and updated Special Election Edition is brought to readers by Abrams in collaboration with DC.


“If an icon must embody the ideal of E Pluribus Unum, then it stands to reason that his head would be filled with many conflicting voices. Flowing out of one mouth, however, they just sound like the rantings of a crazy old man. Steve Darnall and Alex Ross find Uncle Sam out on the street, help him to his feet, and send him off to confront those who believe that they alone speak for the Founding Fathers. A timely idea, brilliantly executed.”
—Billy Bragg, singer, songwriter, and political activist

Uncle Sam is probably the most thoughtfully radical piece of truly popular culture I’ve seen in the last decade or two. Frighteningly intense and . . . also sad in the most eloquent way, patriotic in all the ways that matter, to all the things that one might justifiably be patriotic to.”
—Dave Marsh, author of Born to Run: The Bruce Springsteen Story and Kick Out the Jams: Jibes, Barbs, Tributes, and Rallying Cries from 35 Years of Music Writing

“As a portrait of a fond American dream at last waking to itself, Uncle Sam is genuinely inspiring and deserves to be read more than once. Highly recommended.”
—Alan Moore, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and Batman: The Killing Joke

Uncle Sam is one of those rare creations that is even more timely than it was when it debuted. A thoughtful, inventive, and visually exceptional triumph.”
—Maureen Ryan, Vanity Fair contributing editor and author of Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call for Change in Hollywood

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