Traditional Jewellery of Nineteenth-Century Europe

Traditional Jewellery of Nineteenth-Century Europe

  • ISBN: 9781851777297
  • Publication Date: May 28, 2013


Price: $40.00

Traditional or “ethnic” jewelry—jewelry worn with traditional or national costume—was highly fashionable in the 19th century and is now enjoying a revival. This book draws together a selection of beautiful pieces, from Iceland in the north to Cyprus off the shores of Asia Minor, to demonstrate the wonderful variety of this “folk” or “peasant” jewelry, made from a wide range of materials. Spectacular examples, many rarely seen and never before published, include gilded Norwegian wedding crowns and extravagant golden crosses from Normandy, ornate earrings from Spain and Italy, and imposing filigree clasps from the Balkans. The book illustrates how the jewelry was originally worn with traditional dress and explores its popularity in the 19th century.

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