Too Much! An Overwhelming Day

Too Much!

An Overwhelming Day

  • ISBN: 9781647008154
  • Publication Date: August 1, 2023


Price: $14.39

A reassuring rhyming picture book about sensory overload and what you can do when everything is too much

When feelings go on overload,
I pause and breathe
and all is . . . slowed.

Sometimes everything is too much! Too loud, too bright, and all too overwhelming. Writing from her own experience with sensory processing disorder, award-winning teacher-librarian Jolene Gutiérrez’s compassionate picture book explores the struggles of a sensorily sensitive child and how they settle themselves. Joined by Angel Chang’s beautiful color illustrations, young readers will learn that it’s OK if some days are too much.

An extensive author’s note to caregivers and educators explores sensory systems, sensory processing issues, and specific information about how to support kids with overstimulated nervous systems as they learn to soothe themselves.


"Recommended for kids who face similar struggles to feel seen and for others to better empathize with peers who are extra sensitive to stimuli. Perfect for a sensory-friendly storytime."

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