Tom Scheerer Compendium

The Tom Scheerer Compendium

  • ISBN: 9780865654549
  • Publication Date: March 19, 2024


Boxed Set
Price: $100.00

The Tom Scheerer Compendium is a two-volume, slip-cased gift set collecting Tom Scheerer Decorates and Tom Scheerer: More Decorating from the renowned interior designer and author Mimi Read.

“Tom [Scheerer] has such a seductive eye. . . . There’s nothing superfluous about him. . . . If a no-nonsense decorator sounds like an oxymoron, Scheerer proves otherwise. Unfussy precision is where his talent reigns.” —Architectural Digest

Elegant. Restrained. Unpretentious. Sophisticated. Informal. These seemingly contradictory adjectives all characterize the inimitable interior design of Tom Scheerer, who has himself dubbed his style “Relaxed Modernism.” For more than three decades, he has brought his singular touch to city apartments, country houses, and tropical getaways. Each of the dozens of projects compiled in this two-volume set reveals the fierce intelligence, impeccable sense of proportion, and encyclopedic knowledge of design history that inform his deceptively effortless work.

In a New York Times review of Scheerer’s first book, Tom Scheerer Decorates, design journalist David Netto describes it as “a highly personal exploration of the vanishing art of great American design, as pioneered by Van Day Truex, Billy Baldwin and Albert Hadley. Scheerer . . . is perhaps its most expert proponent today.” This collection, slipcased in the pattern of the designer’s signature caning, confirms Scheerer’s inclusion in the American design pantheon.

Includes Color Photographs byFrancesco Lagnese

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