Sweetest Scoop Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Revolution

The Sweetest Scoop

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Revolution

  • ISBN: 9781647000431
  • Publication Date: May 10, 2022


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The Sweetest Scoop is a picture book biography of the entrepreneurial activist duo behind Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and their rocky road to success, from author Lisa Robinson and award-winning illustrator Stacy Innerst.

Chunky Monkey. Cherry Garcia. Truffle Kerfuffle.

Legendary ice cream makers Ben & Jerry are behind some of the wackiest, tastiest flavors we know and love. It all began when two groovy guys, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, met when they were 12 years old. Ben liked art, Jerry liked science, and they both loved food . . . especially ice cream!

They started a business together, and with no idea how to actually make ice cream, they made it happen with teamwork, determination, and an appetite for fun and experimentation. When the doors of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade ice cream shop finally opened, crowds flocked. But the pair would still have a rocky road ahead—and ambitious activist goals to fulfill.

Chock-full of facts and humor, this entertaining biography about two hardworking partners living their Americone Dream gives readers plenty to chew on. Through their inventiveness, passion, and activism, Ben & Jerry dreamed of making the world a better, more delicious place—one scoop at a time.

“The Sweetest Scoop is a visual treat!” —Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, Co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s


The Sweetest Scoop is a visual treat! Kids (and some adults too) will enjoy it for the great illustrations alone, with lots of ice cream, cows and 60s-70s vibe! The story is told in a way that kids can understand, and balances the fun with the social mission of the company. It's a book that parents and grandparents can really enjoy reading to kids as well.”
Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, Co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s

"Sprinkled with anecdotes, the lively text tells of two men who worked well together, pursuing an entrepreneurial goal with imagination as well as determination. . .This picture book offers an entertaining account of how Ben and Jerry founded Ben and Jerry's." 

"This upbeat account neatly balances serendipity, determination, and instinctual business acumen, and Innerst deploys the swirly, melty, chunky attributes of her ink and watercolor medium to keep the inviting textures of ice cream on constant display."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"With ample humor and delightful illustrations this lively history of the founding and success of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream will both entertain young readers and offer lessons in perseverance and determination." 
School Library Journal

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