• ISBN: 9780810955226
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2006


Price: $21.95

Awe-inspiring and familiar, comforting yet sometimes frightening, the sun is the center around which all life revolves. Now, an expert on solar images teams up with a noted science writer to present a photographic book devoted entirely to the sun, illustrating the star we know and revealing recent discoveries.

Dramatic images from photographers, observatories, and satellites are organized as viewed first from the ground, then from earth's atmosphere and the edge of space, and finally from the surface of the sun itself. Through these images and a clear, precise text, the authors explore the intricate dance between the sun and earth, examining this relationship in both mythical and scientific terms. Perhaps best of all, the book's compact, square size makes The Sun as inviting to hold as it is to read.

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