Splendour of Iran

The Splendour of Iran

  • ISBN: 9781861540119
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2001


Price: $495.00

The Splendour of Iran provides an entirely new insight into both the traditions and contemporary life of one of the world's most ancient civilizations. With 1,250 newly commissioned photographs, The Splendour of Iran displays the richness of Persian culture from the glories of Iran's past, such as the ruined city of Persepolis and the mosques at Isfahan, to contemporary scenes of city and rural life, as well as works of art from museums and collections drawn from every corner of Iran and beyond. The three volumes cover every aspect of Iran's art and culture, from the Sasanian reliefs at Parsargadae through to contemporary wall painting in Tehran, including architecture, sculpture, gardens, mosaics, paintings, miniatures, illuminated manuscripts, carpets, gold and silverware — from ancient times through to the collection of the ex-Shah — and ceramics. The recent history and present-day life of the Iranian people is also shown through original photography and commentary. More than a survey, The Splendour of Iran offers a fresh approach to the subject through new photography, high-quality design and lucid text written by Iran's leading academics and art historians. They light on Iran's recent history and contemporary life as much as its past, but above all convey a vibrant sense of the country, its art, and its people. The Splendour of Iran, designed by Pentagram, is to be published jointly with Iran University Press, Iran's leading publishers of academic and fine art books. •The Splendour of Iran represents a unique partnership, combining Iranian scholarship and new photography with British design and publishing •An invaluable source of reference for the specialist and a highly prized edition to the general reader's bookshelf

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