Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook A Comprehensive Guide to Throwing Beautiful, Functional Pots

Simon Leach's Pottery Handbook

A Comprehensive Guide to Throwing Beautiful, Functional Pots

  • ISBN: 9781613123430
  • Publication Date: May 7, 2013


Price: $26.95

In Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook—a book-and-DVD package—the world-renowned ceramicist and YouTube sensation presents clear tutorials and loads of original instruction on all the core techniques, including studio setup, basic throwing, applying appendages, trimming, glazing, and firing.

“Among how-to books, this volume stands out. This gem is as carefully honed as the skills it seeks to share.” —American Craft

At one time or another, every potter gets frustrated at the wheel. Whether struggling to center the clay or attach a handle with precision, potters of all levels crave advice and answers, and Leach has plenty to give. Topics covered include:

  • Setting Up the Studio
  • Handling Clay
  • The Basic Cylinder
  • Cylinder Variations
  • Trimming Pots
  • Assembling Complex Forms
  • Decorative Techniques
  • Glazes
  • Kilns and Firing
  • And more!

For each technique, detailed step-by-step photography by Bruce Dehnert and Jared Flood captures the subtle, intricate movements that typically fly by too fast to be learned when watching a video lesson; callouts then lead readers to the relevant video on the DVD so they can see the technique demonstrated in real time—an ideal combination that makes learning from the master easy.

Leach writes in his introduction, “As you dive into this book, try to enjoy the sheer pleasure of working with your hands—an act I believe gives balance to our lives, and is a good antidote to too much intellectualizing. . . . Keep practicing! Soon enough, the walls of your pots will be consistent, the lips will be even, and you’ll see that the creations emerging from your hands get better and better with time.”

Useful for beginners and full of information for experienced potters, this is a full-color, how-to manual that will be read and reread.

“For those of us who learn best with a combo of text and demonstrations, Simon Leach’s new book is the perfect fit.” —Ceramics Monthly

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