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Shaped by Love The Extraordinary Impact of Nurturing

Shaped by Love

The Extraordinary Impact of Nurturing

  • ISBN: 9781419758881
  • Publication Date: April 26, 2022


Price: $24.99

The perfect gift for every parent, this book explores the amazing effect of love on the developing brains of babies and toddlers.

Amy Hatkoff’s Shaped by Love celebrates the interactions between babies and toddlers and the most significant people in their young lives—their parents and caregivers. It details developmental phases from infancy through toddlerhood and offers information and beautiful images that encourage healthy and nurturing childcare. Children’s minds are molded by experience, and science tells us that the way a parent touches, holds, looks at, and responds to babies and toddlers has a lifelong impact on the way that this brand-new person will come to see the world and their place within it.

Filled with irresistible images of babies and toddlers and first-person quotes, Shaped by Love is appealing to flip through. It is also a captivating read with well-researched child-rearing advice and information included in each chapter.