Rutabaga the Adventure Chef Book 1

Rutabaga the Adventure Chef

Book 1

  • ISBN: 9781419713804
  • Publication Date: March 31, 2015


Price: $16.95

In a world where there are dragons, wyverns, and haunted squash, you’d figure someone would have recipes for them, right?

Rutabaga and his magic cooking pot, Pot, join young adventurers Winnifred, Manny, and Beef on a quest to defeat a dragon, discover new ingredients, find monsters to have for and/or to dinner, and to save the day through cooking. Rutabaga will dare any danger to uncover new tastes, and there’s a whole world full of food to try—from roasted mud leech to spider soup to peanut butter on crackers. His heroic recipes combine real ingredients, fantasy ingredients, and real ingredients that sound fantastical. Rutabaga the Adventure Chef is the perfect adventure for any kid grossed out when something weird shows up on the dinner table.


"Colossal's full-color, cartoonish illustrations, with their heavy linework and simple figures, match the light, goofy tone of the stories."
Kirkus Reviews

"Colossal perfectly mixes action and humor...A promising first course in a series that could really take off."
School Library Journal, Peter Blenski, Greenfield Public Library, WI

"Rutabaga’s culinary feats in the comic...could easily inspire young adventure chefs to make some gourmet grub of their own."
Booklist, Sarah Hunter

"The graphic-novel format works well here, pairing vivid retro-toned illustrations with a mostly cheerful, bouncy narration...future chefs will be well pleased that there are a few real recipes at the end of the book."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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