Russia A 1000-Year Chronicle of the Wild East


A 1000-Year Chronicle of the Wild East

  • ISBN: 9781468305012
  • Publication Date: December 31, 2013


Price: $21.95

“Enjoyable and engaging” (Washington Post), Martin Sixsmith’s Russia tells a 1,000-year chronicle of the Wild East.

As the BBC Moscow correspondent for almost 20 years, Martin Sixsmith presents Russia’s full and fascinating story, from its foundation in the last years of the 10th century to the first years of the 21st, skillfully tracing the conundrums of modern Russia to their roots in its troubled past. Covering politics, music, literature, and art, he explores the myths Russians have created from their history.

Russia is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the complex political landscape of Russia and its unique place in the modern world.