Room for Love

Room for Love

  • ISBN: 9781906838720
  • Publication Date: April 7, 2015


Price: $22.95

“Romance is dead.” Or so says Pamela Green, a middle-aged romance novelist suffering from writer’s block. Then, as she crosses a bridge over the Thames in London, her unsettled life collides with that of a ragged young man who has survived for months on London’s streets, getting by on his wits . . . and his looks. Under extraordinary circumstances, Pamela invites him into her comfortable suburban home. There, in spite of their obvious differences, they soon form an unlikely partnership, their once-separate lives revived and sent off in stark new directions. An intense hothouse drama, fierce and true to life, Room for Love is an original graphic novel unafraid to play with fire.


“Adult, honest, and uncomfortable, this is a graphic novel that treats its audience as intelligent residents of a world where dreams and fantasies seldom come true.”
Publishers Weekly

“Set against the world of romance publishing, ILYA’S approach to the topic cleverly subverts our expectations of romantic fiction.”

“With ILYA’s clever color scheme and quietly poignant artwork driving the tale, Room for Love is a markedly original work, with questions of identity and intimacy woven into the penumbra of a raw and authentic relationship.”
The Boston Globe