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Ronan Boyle Into the Strangeplace (Ronan Boyle #3)

Ronan Boyle Into the Strangeplace (Ronan Boyle #3)

  • ISBN: 9781419749551
  • Publication Date: September 27, 2022


Price: $8.99

Ronan Boyle Into the Strangeplace is the third book in the hilarious New York Times bestselling middle-grade series set in the world of law-breaking leprechauns from actor and writer Thomas Lennon, with illustrations by award-winning artist John Hendrix.

Ronan Boyle may be the youngest detective of the secret Garda, but now that he’s saved the captain from a spooky cult, he’s also the only detective that has the head of an old Irish god in his vastsack! But his adventures are far from over. His parents are still on the run (he told them the prison break was a bad idea!), and he still has to turn over the corrupt wee folk to the leprechaun king and return to the Human Republic of Ireland to turn over the god’s head. Simple, right?

VERY WRONG! Between having to get swallowed by a whale to take a short cut, avoiding a jar of hot pickle farts, and figuring out how he can prove his parents’ innocence, Ronan’s really got his hands full. Will our small, nervous hero be able to somehow save the day once again?

Fast-paced, action-packed, and sidesplittingly funny, Ronan Boyle Into the Strangeplace delivers strange creatures, heart-pounding thrills, and plenty of laughs.