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Right Place, Right Time The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer

Right Place, Right Time

The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer

  • ISBN: 9781419742132
  • Publication Date: October 20, 2020


Price: $32.50

An action-packed memoir that takes readers on the road with rock and roll’s hardest-working photographer

Bob Gruen is one of the most well-known and connected photographers in rock and roll. For almost 50 years, he has documented the music scene in pictures that have captured the world’s attention. Right Place, Right Time is Gruen’s first written account of his winding, adventure-filled journey. He takes us on visits to John and Yoko’s apartment, on a cross-country road trip with the Ike and Tina Turner band, to Glasgow with Debbie Harry, backstage with KISS, inside CBGB, and on the bus as he swaps steel-toed boots with Sid Vicious. In wildly entertaining stories and iconic images, Gruen gives the reader a unique window into the evolution of American music culture over the last five decades.


“There are a number of takeaways for aspiring rock chroniclers. Better yet, there’s a constant sense of awe that he’s walked among gods and goddesses for so long.”
Kirkus Reviews

"Bob Gruen has been a witness to many of the greatest moments in rock and roll's history."

Jakob Dylan

"Bob is the guy behind the camera who you actually like! He brings out your best cool."

Iggy Pop

"Bob's got the ultimate backstage pass. Can you imagine the stories he's got?"

Alice Cooper

"Bob catches those explosive, signature moments that every photographer hopes to get."

Debbie Harry

"Bob is the most rock-and-roll guy I know. He has seen it all, lived the life, and he doesn't hold back in this book."

Billie Joe Armstrong

“Rock fans will devour this narrative and find its “you are there” style eminently palpable."
Library Journal

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