Reef Dream A Flow State Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

Reef Dream

A Flow State Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

Illustrator Elin Svensson


Price: $24.99

  • Publication Date: April 4, 2023
  • Imprint: Skittledog
  • Trim Size: 10 58 x 10 58
  • ISBN: 9781837760053
  • Illustrations: 1,000-piece boxed jigsaw puzzle approx. 25 12" in diameter; plastic-free packaging
  • Rights: United States and Canada

Discover the calming power of the flow state with this original jigsaw inspired by life on the reef

We all know flow, even if we don’t yet know what to call it: that blissful state of absorption, when you’re so engaged with what you’re doing that you don’t notice the time passing. Psychologists have discovered that this still, almost meditative condition brings us a host of mental health benefits: balance, tranquility, and less stress. Jigsaw puzzling is an easy way to find flow, which is why it has boomed so dramatically in recent years. With the second of Skittledog’s Flow puzzles, Elin Svensson uses harmonious forms and colors, inspired by tropical reefs, to take the puzzler on a gentle journey to a place of calm. The box also includes a poster with the complete illustration and a short introduction to the flow state and its benefits.

The finished puzzle is a 25 1/2-inch, 1,000-piece circular puzzle that comes in a 10 5/8 x 10 5/8" box.

About the author

Elin Svensson’s playful and harmonious illustrations show off her command of color, texture, and form, and have won her clients such as Adidas, Facebook, the Financial Times, Grafik magazine, the Guardian, IKEA, Stockholm’s Kulturfestival, the Wall Street Journal, and Zeit Weissen.