Pillowy: The Art of Dave Cooper (Collector's Edition)

Pillowy: The Art of Dave Cooper (Collector's Edition)

  • ISBN: 9782374951522
  • Publication Date: January 14, 2020


Price: $100.00

From his psychedelic cartoons to his critically acclaimed comic books and his vivid paintings, Dave Cooper is a unique artist who intrigues and fascinates. Here is his long-awaited monograph.The Art of Dave Cooper is the first comprehensive monograph encompassing all of the illustrations, paintings, comics, toys, and animations created by Dave Cooper. From his first published cartoons, created when he was a teenager, to his most recent oil paintings and exhibitions, this beautiful compilation delivers an intimate look into Cooper's life and work.

Containing an impressive 300 pages of detailed reproductions, The Art of Dave Cooper will be a great addition to your art book library.

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