Pig in the Palace

A Pig in the Palace

  • ISBN: 9781647001599
  • Publication Date: October 13, 2020


Price: $16.19

A pig is invited to dinner with the queen in this delightfully funny misfit tale

Bobo is rolling around in the mud when somebody slips a letter under his door. It’s an invitation to have dinner with the queen! “Why me?” Bobo wonders. What will he do at a fancy palace? He’s covered in fleas. He doesn’t know which fork to use. He has never been anywhere so grand! Indeed, when he arrives, Bobo feels terribly out of place. And trouble is following him wherever he turns! But maybe . . . he’s not the only one who’d like to let loose?
For any kids who have tried their hardest to behave at a grown-up gathering, Bobo the boar is just the itchy, clumsy, endearing hero they’ve been waiting for.


"The hoggy hijinks of the chase through the palace and the messy finish will appeal to little listeners, who will hope for an invite to the queen and Bobo’s next party." 
Kirkus Reviews

". . .A royally silly story of how sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong, it’s actually just right."
Publishers Weekly

"This entertaining story about a misfit boar named Bobo will delight readers of all ages." 
School Library Journal

"Readers will snort with laughter alongside Bobo’s romp through the palace." 
Horn Book Magazine

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