Picture Puzzler A Natural History Hide-and-Seek

Picture Puzzler

A Natural History Hide-and-Seek

  • ISBN: 9781419771354
  • Publication Date: April 2, 2024


Price: $19.99

In author Rachel Williams and illustrator Ksenia Bakharevas Picture Puzzler: A Natural History Hide-and-Seek, step into the world’s wildest places to solve 72 picture riddles and search for camouflaged animals.

Explore six real world habitats: the Sahara, the Rocky Mountains, European beech forests, the Amazon Basin, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Arctic archipelago Svalbard.

A dozen camouflaged animals are hidden within a large illustration of each habitat. How many will you spot? A rhyming riddle for each animal offers clues.

If you’re still stumped, a second set of pages offers additional hints for the hardest-to-spot creatures as well as more information about the animals and the habitat they call home.