Animal Words for Little Zoologists 100 Interesting Words!

Animal Words for Little Zoologists

100 Interesting Words!

  • ISBN: 9781419777523
  • Publication Date: September 24, 2024


Price: $16.99

In Will Millard’s Animal Words for Little Zoologists, kids will discover a world of interesting words from the animal kingdom—from arachnid to biped to crustacean—paired with vibrant illustrations by Monika Forsberg

This vocabulary builder brings together 100 fascinating words to describe animals both great and small, each one chosen to delight, surprise, and inform natural history fans. Artwork from bestselling illustrator Monika Forsberg brings to life 20 scenes from the animal kingdom. Each double-page spread shows a different habitat featuring five interesting words chosen by a natural history expert, as well as a search-and-find game. Definitions of the interesting words appear at the bottom of the pages.

Readers will have fun as they:

  • Explore animal lifecycles with words like larvae, spawn, and nymph
  • Begin to understand classification with words like reptile, mammal, and amphibian
  • Discover animal behaviors with words like shoal, hibernate, and migrate
  • Learn what animals get up to with words like pollinator, bioluminescent, and camouflage
  • Simply delight in interesting animal parts with words like proboscis, tentacle, and baleen!

The back matter contains more information about animal classification. By engaging with new words, young zoologists will develop their understanding of the natural world and expand their vocabulary, which studies have recently proven to be the biggest indicator of a child’s potential later in life.

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