Pepper From Around the World: Stories & Recipes


From Around the World: Stories & Recipes

  • ISBN: 9781419729324
  • Publication Date: March 13, 2018


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Pepper is an essential seasoning, but one that is easy to take for granted. Here, Erwann de Kerros, a professional spice hunter, and food writer Bénédicte Bortoli introduce the vast varieties of pepper, showing how the origins and quality of the pepper we use directly affect the enjoyment of our food. Featuring more than 50 flavorful varieties, including white and black Penja peppercorns, the Tellicherry, the Batak berry, and more, the book depicts the unique colors and shapes of different berries and peppercorns in beautiful detail, alongside flavor profiles, suggestions for uses, and botanical analysis. Stunning photographs depict de Kerros’s adventures sourcing pepper from Nepal, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, and acclaimed French chefs Didier Edon and Olivier Arlot contribute more than 40 recipes, all employing pepper. With more than 200 photographs and botanical drawings, this is the definitive guide to one of the most significant spices.

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