One Upside-Downy Day A Picture Book

One Upside-Downy Day

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781419757075
  • Publication Date: August 15, 2023


Price: $16.99

From Renée Kurilla, author and illustrator of One Springy, Singy Day, comes an exploration of the not-so-great days of toddlerdom and the ways little ones can self-soothe to ease those upside-downy days away.

Sluggish, Weepy,
Eyes still looking sleepy;
You were in no mood to play
When you got out of bed today.

Follow a diverse cast of young children as they experience big feelings—anger, shyness, and sadness—in this patient, rhyming, full-color picture book. One Upside-Downy Day is a love letter to emotional understanding and the sometimes-gray days of being a toddler.


Whether everything is “too much-y” or not “enough-y,” a book like this, addressed to readers directly, can help. A clear and useful message: Feelings change, and, ultimately, “It’s all going to be okay.”