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One Color a Day Sketchbook A Daily Art Practice and Visual Diary

One Color a Day Sketchbook

A Daily Art Practice and Visual Diary

  • ISBN: 9781419747472
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2020


Price: $16.99

Make a time capsule of your year with watercolor. One Color a Day: A Daily Art Practice and Visual Diary is a simple and meditative way to visually document each day.

“If you are not someone keeping an illustrated journal, this may really be a good daily habit for you.” —Creative MattersPodcast

Within the book’s orderly gridded layout, you simply paint a daily color and add a word or phrase that reflects your current mood, an observation, or an experience. The result is a visually stunning, deeply personal, and totally unique record of a year.

Author Courtney Cerruti writes, “All it takes is five minutes. If time is your biggest challenge, this practice can take as little as a few moments out of your day. You can do it while you are having your morning coffee, or you might keep your sketchbook and paint palette in one spot in the kitchen and record your color after a meal. You don’t need to be precious about it or agonize over it. Just paint a color and jot down a name underneath. That’s it.”

One Color a Day begins with an encouraging note to all aspiring creatives, explaining the many benefits of the practice along with a little technical advice about painting with watercolor. Interspersed throughout are spreads with inspiring ideas for choosing your daily color and using it as an opportunity to set an intention or to reflect on the different aspects of your life.

Includes Color Illustrations