Nocturnal Global Highflyers


Global Highflyers

  • ISBN: 9781861541697
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2000


Price: $27.50

Nocturnal is the sequel to HighFlyers: Clubravepartyart, the much acclaimed collection of flyer graphics for dance music. This volume expands its coverage to the rest of the world. As stylistic innovations within the dance music scene spawn new strands of beats, and specialized genres splinter off to create new sub-sects, flyer design has mutated and blossomed into an infinitely variable feast. Nocturnal not only seeks out flyers from all corners but also documents the aesthetic endeavours of a diverse spread of burgeoning scenes. All in all, this book presents a comprehensive taste parade of dance beats. First time in paperback. • Hardback sold out within 4 months • Contains flyers from across the UK, Europe and beyond