Tales from Dreamland

Tales from Dreamland

  • ISBN: 9781592703777
  • Publication Date: February 11, 2025


Price: $29.95

LA photographer Ed Valfre imagines stories from snapshots of ordinary life, inviting readers to discover the magical in the everyday

“Through the lens of Ed Valfre’s mind, the everyday becomes the ethereal. His images spark the imagination and take us to a place just beyond reach. Or perhaps the dream already exists and Valfre shows us the proof.” —TV Producer Michael Feldman

A cup of coffee with a swirl of cream. Clouds reflected on a tabletop. A shopping cart abandoned on the sidewalk. Photographer Ed Valfre captures these little moments of everyday life in his pictures and subsequently imagines the extraordinary universes, striking feelings, and unexpected narratives each moment might contain. By turns surreal, humorous, and profound, Valfre reveals the magic to be discovered in the everyday with this collection of photographs and accompanying short stories.