Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot

Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot

  • ISBN: 9781419773990
  • Publication Date: June 25, 2024


Price: $45.00

Discover all the artistic universes Aleksi has developed in this massive new monograph

There’s no way you haven’t seen his art, whether it was while watching a movie, reading a comic-book, or playing a card or a video game! Aleksi Briclot visually develops universes, stories, and characters for the greatest entertainment companies, like Wizards of the Coast, Ubisoft, Image Comics, Dark Horse, Capcom, and Marvel Studios.

It is now time for this extraordinary artist to have a monograph dedicated completely to his own art. In Multiverse: The Art of Aleksi Briclot, you will find all of the artistic universes Aleksi has developed throughout his career and is continuing to expand. The 272-page art book contains all of Aleksi’s most iconic pieces of artwork, as well as his personal comments, anecdotes, and a very complete interview. This collector’s piece will benefit from a sophisticated and elegant package and will be printed on a high-quality matte paper.

Multiverse will also feature a foreword from Andy Pak, Marvel Studios’ director of visual development, and an interview with IAMagazine journalist and digital art specialist Marine Macq.

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