Miss Leoparda

Miss Leoparda

  • ISBN: 9781592704125
  • Publication Date: September 17, 2024


Price: $18.95

Beautiful illustrations from an internationally recognized fine artist make this fun, ecologically-minded book about a bus-driving, tree-loving leopard a standout!

When Miss Leoparda isn’t sleeping in her beloved tree home, she drives the bus, taking her animal friends around town on their animal business. Every day, all of the bus’s seats are taken . . . until the day something amazing and new appears: a little car that speeds off into the distance, leaving clouds of smoke in its wake. Intrigued, the bus’s passengers each get a car of their own, one by one, until the day that Miss Leoparda is the only one left on the bus.

But more and more cars on the road mean more and more traffic jams, more and more arguments, and fewer and fewer trees—as trees, it seems, are just getting in the way of the jammed-up travelers. Will Miss Leoparda be able to nourish a new awareness and help her community return to their senses? With humor, insight, and gorgeous art, this is a picture book about the importance of the natural world and the value of community, to read again and again.

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