Mighty Muddy Us A Picture Book

Mighty Muddy Us

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781419763731
  • Publication Date: October 3, 2023


Price: $18.99

From author Caron Levis and New York Times bestselling illustrator Charles Santoso—the award-winning team behind Feathers Together; Ida, Always; and This Way, Charlie—comes Mighty Muddy Us, a moving, full-color picture book story of sibling love, inspired by a real-life elephant family.

The moment he is born, Ely delights in the welcoming trumpets of his adoring big sister, Enid. She is so excited to play—but Ely’s legs are injured and it’s hard for him to move. To help keep Ely safe, Enid sticks close to her determined brother as they grow together through the seasons, trunk-twirling, mud-wallowing, and making silly sounds!

But as Ely grows more confident, he’s ready for more adventures, and he feels squished by Enid’s worries and rules. Enid is glad that he can run and play, but she’s nervous he could get hurt—or that he won’t need his big sister anymore. When a drought threatens the whole family, Ely shows what he is capable of, and both he and Enid discover that whether they are helping or playing, dusty or muddy, siblings are mighty special.


"Sibling support and strong family relationships prevail. Nurtures encouragement, grit, and love."

"The author’s strength, articulating trickier parts of the emotional terrain of relationships with empathy and care, helps deepen an understanding for the challenges of being an older, protective sibling given a helper role and then having to relinquish. This title offers guidance for caregivers and will be sought after where other titles in the series are popular."
—School Library Journal

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