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Mighty Bite A Graphic Novel

The Mighty Bite

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419765537
  • Publication Date: April 4, 2023


Price: $14.99

From the New York Times bestselling cartoonist behind Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales comes a wacky graphic novel series!

What happens when a couple of prehistoric creatures want to become Internet stars? Trilobite and Amber (a walking whale) dream of fame and fortune. They don’t realize that most of the world thinks that they’re extinct. When a wandering paleo-newscaster introduces them to the world of internet videos, they hop at the chance to get behind the camera.

The competition for internet fame will be fierce—Trilobite and Amber will face off against ancient sea creatures, talking cacti, floating cat heads, and more! Friendships will be tested, allies will be made, and cameras will be smashed! Our heroes will have to use all of their newfound skills when they find themselves competing in an all-out video-making battle royale!

With laugh-out-loud gags and outrageous, elaborate artwork, fans of Dog Man and InvestiGators have never seen anything like Nathan Hale’s The Mighty Bite—and will learn about some of the real-world science in the story.


“This frantically paced fever-dream project of pure escapism is quite the stray, but not at all unwelcome. The panels are wonderfully paced, with each shot as beautifully framed and expertly lit as the video battles described within, and the project overall is a mighty undertaking.”

“This will be an absolute treat for any reader who likes their natural history with a side of whimsy.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“In this quirky graphic offering, two extinct creatures team up with a human reporter. Hale’s tale, executed in blue and white with strong black linework, is unapologetically zany, replete with poop jokes, an adorable talking kitten head, a giant hair dryer, and a gorilla deity sporting a halo that is also a portal, making this a perfect choice for those who find joy in madcap comics in the vein of James Kolchalka. Kooky charmer. An exuberantly goofy romp.”
Kirkus Reviews

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