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Extincts: Flight of the Mammoth (The Extincts #2) A Graphic Novel

The Extincts: Flight of the Mammoth (The Extincts #2)

A Graphic Novel

  • ISBN: 9781419752520
  • Publication Date: March 21, 2023


Price: $24.99

A team of genetically enhanced extinct animals embark on top-secret missions around the world in the second entry in this action-packed graphic novel series—now in paperback!

After stopping Dr. Z’s nefarious plan and rescuing the unicorn horn, things haven’t quite been the same for the Extincts. In order to pay the bills and support themselves, they open a zoo and gift shop. Scratch, Martie, Quito, and Ursa think it’s a great chance to educate the public and teach people to be better to the environment. But Lug isn’t so sure that this is the best use of their time and energy. After a fiery and near-tragic incident, Lug decides to leave the team and goes to do work that he thinks will actually make a difference: helping a group of smoke jumpers stop the wildfires in California. But it seems like the fires they’re stopping may not be so natural—someone seems to be causing them to try to lure Lug to follow . . . It’s going to take the help of all the Extincts to get to the bottom of it and save the day!

With heart-racing action scenes, loads of humor, and an environmental message, this new book from New York Times bestselling author Scott Magoon is an exciting adventure from start to finish. The book will also include nonfiction back matter about wildfire safety tips, smokejumpers, how to make your own telescope, and more!