Meet Me at the Art Museum A Whimsical Look Behind the Scenes

Meet Me at the Art Museum

A Whimsical Look Behind the Scenes

  • ISBN: 9781419701870
  • Publication Date: November 1, 2012


Price: $19.95

After being discarded on the floor of an art museum, Stub (a museum ticket) has nowhere to go until Daisy the docent’s helper (a name tag) finds him and offers him a tour of the museum. Stub meets a badge who keeps the artworks safe, a computer who archives them, and other characters who work there. From the director’s office to the library to the conservator’s studio to the loading dock, Stub discovers who does what, and what goes on, behind the scenes at the museum. He even finds a home for himself among the museum’s many treasures!
David Goldin combines actual artworks by famous artists, found pieces, and digital art to tell Stub’s sweet story. Filled with fun facts and a glossary, the book wonderfully introduces young readers to all that museums have to offer.

Praise for Meet Me at the Art Museum:
"It’s not as if the concept of a museum is obvious to a small child: How did all these paintings get here? Why can’t I touch them? And why is that painting here when it looks like my drawing on the fridge? To the rescue, Daisy, a name-tag docent, gives Stub, a torn ticket, a tour of the basics. Goldin’s easygoing text and clever collaged illustrations make Sunday afternoon excursions so much more explicable."
New York Times

"An engaging and enlivening introduction for kids and adults alike."
Kirkus Reviews

"The googly-eyed characters make it quite enjoyable to pick up the book and get a feel for what makes a museum work, explaining both public and private areas."

"The volume offers an adequate overview of museum operations."
School Library Journal

"The book works best as a basic introduction to what a museum is and how it works; the paintings and sculptures are ID'd on the closing page."
Publishers Weekly

"Overall, this book will entice children of all ages to want to take a trip to their nearest art museum to learn more about all the great people and things that go on there."
New York Journal of Books

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