Markham Roberts Notes on Decorating

Markham Roberts

Notes on Decorating

  • ISBN: 9780865653856
  • Publication Date: September 22, 2020


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More thoughts on decorating from one of today’s most versatile and accomplished interior designers, illustrated with his latest projects

Markham Roberts is renowned for his boundless creativity and ability to work in a wide range of styles. In this, his second book, he examines his working method, identifying the key elements of a project and explaining how he addresses them. He begins with his top priority: taking into account his clients’ point of view by interpreting their needs and reflecting their style. Other elements include establishing a sense of place, layering and embellishing to make spaces more personal and interesting, acknowledging the need for practicality in materials, and doing the unexpected, from upholstering walls to mixing disparate materials and styles of furniture. Throughout, specially commissioned photographs illustrate his solutions to the challenges each of these elements poses. He concludes the book with a chapter on a single project that encompasses all of the elements.


“In really listening to his clients, Roberts helps them edit and focus, and, in so doing, he helps them establish a sense of place at home. . . . The book concludes with a single project that encompasses all of the design elements most important to Roberts. Take notes."

“Every project is a welcome, and seemingly very fun, challenge for this designer who refuses to be pigeonholed. This monograph is a testament to that fact, and a visual ode to the embellishment, color, and pattern that recur throughout his work.”

“Markham Roberts shares his design process with readers to show how he creates timeless, spirited spaces.”
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

“Markham Roberts is renowned as one of the greatest interior designers at work today. . . . His projects have taken him across the country and abroad to create some of the most daring and exciting rooms tailored precisely to his clients’ needs.”

“Markham Roberts has been creating comfortable, tailored interiors for decades. In his second book, the designer shares some of hims most valuable lessons.”
House Beautiful

“To see Markham Roberts’ new book as merely a collection of pretty rooms is a missed opportunity. His notes that accompany the photos from his favorite projects are lessons in design.”
Houston Chronicle

“He features all those aspects that help to make his work so memorable—from sussing out the client’s deepest desires to the practicality of challenges and solutions, the crucial addition of layers and the final touch of something unexpected.”

“Interior Designer Markham Roberts is known for timeless, all-American style. His second book, Notes on Decorating, includes work from the past 5 years — 32 projects in total.”

“Robert’s latest monograph builds upon his often jocular, always informative teachings for designing interiors that are timeless, yet decidedly one of a kind.”
Architectural Digest

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