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  • ISBN: 9781419708091
  • Publication Date: October 7, 2014


Price: $17.95

From the creator of Marshall Armstrong Is New to Our School comes a visually stunning, hilarious picture book that explores children’s tendency to jump to the conclusions they want.

When Leo’s mom announces that there will be a surprise at dinner, she unknowingly sets in motion a riotous chain of events. What could the surprise be?! Leo and his brother are desperate to find out. Could it be a bike? A pool? A new car? Their imaginations run wild until they latch, with utter conviction, onto what surely must be the answer: an all-expenses-paid, two-week trip to Hawaii! Perhaps not surprisingly, the brothers are soon proven wrong. But the ingenious way their family decides to cheer them up poignantly reminds us that, sometimes, embracing what you already have is enough to make you feel “lucky.”


"It's a story that leaves its readers feeling fortunate as well."
Publishers' Weekly

"This is a quirky, spot-on snapshot of family life, perfect for family sharing and repeated readings. And children will love examining the whimsical, surprisingly delightful details in the drawings. A winner."
Kirkus Reviews

"Fans of Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith’s frenetic books will appreciate this entertaining tale."
School Library Journal, Martha Simpson, Stratford Library Association, CT

"At turns exuberant, sweet, and humorous, this is a delightful surprise."
Booklist, Kara Dean

"Kids will get a 'there but for the grace of God go I' kick out of the imaginations run amuck, and adults will be reminded of the perils of sparking unlimited expectations."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

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