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Love Affairs with Houses

Love Affairs with Houses

  • ISBN: 9781683355854
  • Publication Date: April 16, 2019


Price: $31.10

“America’s reigning queen of decorating.” —Southern Living
“One of America’s premier interior designers.” —Garden Design

In this story-filled monograph, Bunny Williams presents new work through 15 houses she has decorated and loved.

Bunny tells the tale of each “affair,” tracing the style of the spaces, what drew her to the projects, and her approach to decor that evolves with the lives of her clients. Her chapters include:

  • Weekend Retreat
  • A View of the Sea
  • The Penthouse
  • Southern Charm
  • Pied-à-Terre
  • East Side Town House
  • Georgian Stone House
  • New York Duplex
  • Florida Style
  • French Farmhouse
  • And more!

She offers personal secrets for choosing classics—and for decorating with flexible pieces that can play more than one role in a design scheme. Along the way, she offers many amazingly chic, but always comfortable, residences whose interiors she has designed during the latest phase of her astounding career.

Bunny writes of her work, “It still thrills me that every new project is like a new romance. There is the initial getting-to-know-you phase, the discovery of how people live, what their dreams are, what inspires them—such critical information as we begin the designing process. Each stage has its exciting moments as well as its anxious ones.” She knows, as you will, that there is excitement and frustration when working with architects, hunting for just the right piece to finish a room, and then letting go and just enjoying the finished work.

As Bunny tells it, “The best pieces have the best stories,” and in this book, she shows readers a fresh collection of projects that demonstrate just that.

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