Little Pea's Drawing School A Picture Book

Little Pea's Drawing School

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781990252075
  • Publication Date: May 17, 2022


Price: $15.99

Author Davide Cali and illustrator Sébastien Mourrain’s Little Pea’s Drawing School is a whimsical and wondrous picture book that celebrates artistic imagination.

Little Pea is now an accomplished artist. One day, a friend encourages him to open a drawing school and help others tap into their creativity—what a marvelous idea! But as his students work hard to improve their skills and techniques with each passing class, Little Pea soon learns that one does not always recognize a great artist at first glance.

“A veritable ode to creativity, there are many details contained in Mourrain’s meticulous lines that serve to enrich and extend Cali’s words. This Lilliputian world, abound with joyfully awoken and inspired fauna, is worth discovering.” —Marie Fradette, Le Devoir

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