M is for Mama's Boy (NERDS Book Two)

M is for Mama's Boy (NERDS Book Two)

  • ISBN: 9781419700231
  • Publication Date: August 1, 2011


Price: $9.99

The NERDS are back to save the day in New York Times bestselling author Michael Buckley’s M is for Mama’s Boy.

A group of unpopular fifth graders runs a spy network from inside their school. With the help of cutting-edge science, they transform their nerdy qualities into incredible abilities! Duncan Dewey (code name: Gluestick) leads the team against a supervillain who used to be a member of NERDS.

But has the team become too dependent on their supergadgets? It will take old-fashioned brainpower and bravery to save the world again.

“Buckley has a flair for exaggerated humor.” —Publishers Weekly

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