Little Pea A Picture Book

Little Pea

A Picture Book

  • ISBN: 9781990252112
  • Publication Date: March 7, 2023


Price: $16.99

Discover Little Pea’s debut in this gentle, joyous picture-book story from award-winning author Davide Cali and illustrator Sébastien Mourrain about embracing what makes us unique—in this specially formatted edition.

Little Pea was born tiny, but with big aspirations. As he grows up, he loves to climb, explore, swim, daydream—just like any other kid his age.

But when Little Pea starts school, the realization of how small he is sets in. Suddenly, he’s too small to sit at his desk, play the flute, or even join classmates at recess. What will become of Little Pea?


"Whimsy rules in Davide Cali’s picture book about a boy so small he can ride on the back of a grasshopper. Little Pea can bed down in a matchbox, quench his thirst with a single drop of dew and use a stack of Legos for climbing practice."
Wall Street Journal

Little Pea is an entirely charming book that invites readers to find joy in every part of life, whether it is playing with toys, encouraging plants to grow, or exploring art because it’s impossible to know where these passions will lead.” Highly Recommended
Canadian Review of Materials

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