Lion & Tiger & Bear Tag! You're It!

Lion & Tiger & Bear

Tag! You're It!

  • ISBN: 9781419718960
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2016


Price: $14.95

Lion, Tiger, and Bear are best friends. One day, Tiger and Bear want to play a game of tag, but Lion doesn’t want to be disturbed; instead, he wants some quiet time to work on a painting. Tiger and Bear try to entice Lion to play, but their antics only have the opposite effect—what does a lion have to do to find some peace and quiet? In the end, Lion has a surprise for his friends after they exercise some patience, and each learns why it’s important to have both quiet time and playtime. Stunning illustrations by Ethan Long, author and illustrator of Hi!, a Parents Magazine Best Book of 2015, are rendered in a vintage style with variations in texture.


"Young readers will giggle at the final page as Lion tags Bear in the never-ending favorite childhood game.A humorous reminder of the importance of time alone." 

"Long’s fans will embrace this tale of friendship with its fun, colorful digitally created cartoon illustrations... This lighthearted story about conflict resolution with friends is a good addition to public and school libraries."

School Library Journal

"This cheerful friendship story reminds readers that sometimes we love having company, other times we value solitude, and real friends should be understanding either way."