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  • ISBN: 9781683354642
  • Publication Date: May 21, 2019


Price: $15.29

Leyla is sick of her big, loud, overbearing family. They are always chatting, snuggling, and grooming each other (ew!), and—for Leyla—there’s no escape from their attention. So, she decides to run away until she can’t hear (or smell) her baboon troop anymore. In the middle of her desert habitat, she finds a lizard sunning himself. Unlike her family, the lizard loves to sit alone, be quiet, and do absolutely nothing at all. Leyla joins the lizard, and after soaking up some quiet time, she feels recharged and ready to return home to her large, ever-doting family. Now that she knows where she can always find a little peace, Leyla can embrace the chaos and the kisses with open arms. From the celebrated author-illustrator of I Am a Cat, Leyla shows kids how to appreciate both the wild and the mild.


"A warm and witty celebration of family, individuality, and introspection."
Publishers Weekly

"A lovely story of cross-species friendship, of finding peace by connecting mindfully to the present moment, and of distance making the heart grow fonder."
Kirkus Reviews

"Reflecting both the anxiety perpetuated by our culture’s busyness and a toddler’s developmental need for independence, Bernstein’s spare narrative and adorable muted earth tone palette offer a warm and familiar story."
School Library Journal

"Adult readers will understand that this is a lesson on meditation, and youngsters will learn that, even if they’re the quiet one in a boisterous group, a little downtime can do wonders."

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