Korean Eye 2012

Korean Eye 2012

  • ISBN: 9781861543363
  • Publication Date: March 5, 2013


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Korean Eye, a philanthropic movement founded in 2008 to promote contemporary art and emerging artists, showcases an exciting collection of painters, sculptors, and photographers who are making an impact on the art world today. The selections in Korean Eye 2012 feature 33 diverse and innovative artists chosen from over 28,000 submissions by 2,000 applicants. A wide range of talent reveals certain shared approaches, including a methodical precision and thematic preoccupation with technology. Curator Lee Daehyung’s accompanying essay explores the cultural significance of the artwork as it relates to modern-day Korea and its relationship with other countries. Featured artists include Chul Hyun Ahn, Ahn Doojin, Bae Joonsung, Bahk Seon‑Ghi, Chae Mi‑Hyun & Dr. Jung, Cho Duck Hyun, U-Ram Choe, Chongwoon Choi, Debbie Han, Euyoung Hong, Hong Seung Hee, and Sooyeon Hong.

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