Knitstrips The World's First Comic-Strip Knitting Book


The World's First Comic-Strip Knitting Book

  • ISBN: 9781419742798
  • Publication Date: March 15, 2022


Price: $24.75

The world’s first comic-strip knitting book, Knitstrips presents 22 original patterns, boundless humor, and seriously appealing knitting instruction.

Inspired, original, and laugh-out-loud funny, Alice Ormsbee Beltran and Karen Kim Mar’s Knitstrips are patterns and knitting instruction mixed with advice and humorous commentary—and presented in illustrated, full-color comic book panels by artists Michele Phillips and Laura Irrgang. Launched in 2016 on the mega-popular knitting site Modern Daily Knitting, the strips gained instant popularity and have attracted thousands of avid fans.

The book includes 22 original patterns and is designed to mimic a bound collection of comic books in a series: each “issue” with its own cover and wry theme—from yarn stashes to binge knitting—that is close to the heart of knitters. Issues offer four to six knitting patterns each, plus designer highlights and a variety of stories and technical discussions. The result is a fresh, lively knitting adventure that is like nothing the fiber world has seen before.

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