Kat Hats

Kat Hats

  • ISBN: 9781419751943
  • Publication Date: February 1, 2022


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Kat Hats is a wild picture book starring a world-renowned cat, his trainer, and a cast of quirky characters from award-winning creators Daniel Pinkwater and Aaron Renier.

Thermal Herman 6-7/8 is the top Kat Hat in Matt Katz’s company. A trained cat who is able to form himself into specialty hats, Thermal Herman is world-renowned for his warmth and agility.

When a friend wanders off with a brain freeze and finds themself in peril, Thermal Herman must rush in to save the day in this zany and cleverly illustrated picture book, sure to make young readers giggle with every page.

“With jolly maximalism and Shrinky Dinks shadings, this is a book that invites children to take off their thinking caps, relax, and revel in pure silliness.” —New York Times


"Pinkwater fans know to expect absurd situations, wry humor, and zany mayhem, and this latest picture book does not disappoint. . .Renier’s vivid gouache illustrations feature bold, in-your-face hues and busy, detail-filled compositions that extend the text and invite protracted viewing. . .This ridiculous adventure will be catnip to feline-lovers and those with an offbeat sense of humor." 


"The bright and busy gouache illustrations are chock-full of offbeat, whimsical details that tell parallel stories of their own. . .Flamboyantly fanciful and so much fun!" 
Kirkus Reviews

"The wealth of meandering character-driven asides and the story’s densely colored gouache drawings are packed with details both on point and amusingly extraneous. It’s worldbuilding at its most absurd." 
Publishers Weekly

"Tongue-twisting text, odd and lovable characters, and Renier’s vibrant, gouache, mixed-media-esque illustrations make a delightful fever dream that will please both the grown-up reading the books and the kiddos listening. . .This is Pinkwater at his best, clever, charming, and weird in the best possible ways." 
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"“With jolly maximalism and Shrinky Dinks shadings, this is a book that invites children to take off their thinking caps, relax and revel in pure silliness." 
New York Times

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