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Inside This Book (are three books).

Inside This Book

(are three books).

  • ISBN: 9781419714870
  • Publication Date: April 7, 2015


Price: $15.95

Inside This Book is a tribute to self-publishing in its most pure and endearing form. Three siblings create three books of their own using blank paper that they bind together (in descending sizes to match birth order). One sibling’s work inspires the next, and so on, with each book’s text and art mirroring the distinct interests and abilities of its creator. Upon completion of their works, the siblings put one book inside the other, creating a new book to be read and shared by all!


"...Saltzberg's clever conceit makes the metaphorical literal—and palpable—for very young readers. An absolutely nifty invitation to children to create and share their own wee books."
Kirkus Reviews

"The novel format...proves that self-publishing was a kid thing long before adults claimed it and should be an effective prompt for family and classroom activities."
Publishers Weekly

"Charming childlike illustrations appear to be created with pen and ink, watercolors, and crayon and are simple and appealing...Creative children will be inspired to put their own thoughts and pictures down on paper."
Booklist, Maryann Owen

"Readers may well be empowered to write their very own stories or books."
School Library Journal


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