Ike and Kay A Novel

Ike and Kay

A Novel

  • ISBN: 9781468316353
  • Publication Date: June 5, 2018


Price: $27.95

A historical novel based on the true story of the secret love affair at the heart of World War II amidst the Blitz in London.

In 1942, Kay Summersby's life is changed forever when she is conscripted to drive General Eisenhower on his fact-finding visit to wartime London. Despite Eisenhower's marriage to Mamie, the pair takes an immediate liking to each other, and he buys Kay a rare wartime luxury: a box of chocolates. So begins a tumultuous relationship that, against all military regulation, sees Kay traveling with Eisenhower on missions to far-flung places before the final assault on Nazi Germany. The general does dangerously little to conceal his affair with the woman widely known as "Ike's shadow," and in letters Mamie bemoans his new obsession with "Ireland." That does not stop him from using his influence to grant Kay citizenship and rank in the U.S. Army, drawing her closer still when he returns to America. When officials discover Eisenhower's plans to divorce from his wife, they threaten the fragile but passionate affair, and Kay is forced to take desperate measures to hold onto the man she loves . . .

Based on the scandalous true story of General Eisenhower's secret World War II love affair, Ike and Kay is a compelling story of love, duty, sacrifice, and heartbreak, set against the backdrop of the most tumultuous period of the twentieth century.

Praise for Ike and Kay:

"Ike and Kay sets the backdrop for an important time in history . . . [and] brings to life controversial romances and characters that shaped world history during the twentieth century." —Buzzfeed

"This poignant novel recreates the war years and explores how a relationship can alter lives and history. Anyone interested in WWII history will savor this beautifully written love story that displays another side to Eisenhower and the war." —RT Book Reviews

"With keen eye for historical detail and strong narrative voice, MacManus has expertly and artfully painted an intimate, authentic portrait of love, duty, and sacrifice against the backdrop of the greatest events of the 20th century. Masterful!"—Pam Jenoff, New York Times–bestselling author of The Orphan's Tale

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